Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

At Elman Wall, we have a strong belief in acting as responsible citizens, actively supporting those less fortunate than ourselves, and in doing what we can not to damage our environment.

Family Holiday Association

‘A break’, ‘an adventure’, ‘a chance to explore’, ‘’me time’’, ‘unwinding’ and ‘an escape’

When asked what a holiday means to them, these were the answers of many of the Elman Wall Team.

We are passionate about travel and believe that everyone should be able to experience a temporary escape from reality and have that feeling of excitement and ‘the world being lifted off your shoulders’.

This is why we have been proud, avid supporters of an amazing charity, The Family Holiday Association, for many years.

The Family Holiday Association has provided short trips to the British Seaside, and day trips, for UK families struggling with issues such as disability, severe and sudden illness, bereavement, mental health issues and domestic violence for, over 40 years. 

The majority of families they help have never before been on a family holiday and the evidence shows that the experiences provided by the charity can be life-changing.

At Elman Wall, the team has fundraised in a number of ways from gentle cake sales and by partaking in Thames Treasure trails, to taking on the gruelling London Marathon and even jumping out of planes!

As the charity receives no government funding, we have also gone the extra mile and launched a few of their initiatives at our annual conference for the Travel Industry, the Elman Wall Travel Directors’ Summit.

In 2017, the Family Holiday Association helped 4,137 families access a break. This still only scratches the surface of the problem of lack of access to breaks but the Elman Wall Team is on the case!

Just a Drop

Elman Wall is delighted to be partnering with Just A Drop to support this fabulous charity’s work in Kenya starting in Summer 2019. We, as a team, will be aiming to raise money in order for St Francis Senda School in Kenya (Makueni County) to benefit from water tanks. There are currently 413 children attending this school and because there is no regular supply of water, the school is required to buy water from vendors, an expensive business and not much in the school’s advantage. Most times, even this water is dirty and that leads to frequent illness and children missing out on their education.

With a water tank and hand washing stations:

  • children will have enough water to drink and cook with
  • there will be less absences due to illness
  • the school will be able to develop using the money previously spent on water for new classrooms, a laboratory of for growing food
  • there will be extra water to address hygiene issues at the school, leading to improved health

Just A Drop brings sustainable safe water, sanitation and hygiene projects to communities around the world. Safe water changes everything. It improves health, education, women’s rights, leads to secure food sources, economic growth and brighter futures. It completely transforms lives, especially those of women and children.

Just a Drop’s project work is currently focused in Cambodia, India, Kenya, Nicaragua, Uganda and Zambia. They work with communities to implement solutions which best suit their needs, such as rainwater harvesting systems, wells, sand dams, water distribution systems, biosand filters, latrines, and sanitation and hygiene training. They’ve recently developed food security, menstrual health and micro-finance programmes, which further support community development and economic growth.

The organisation has reached over 1.5 million people in 32 countries since it began in 1998.

Fiona Jeffery OBE, the Founder and Chair of Just A Drop said:

“Safe water changes everything, transforming lives, especially those of women and children. We can’t achieve this without the support of partners like Elman Wall and I’m so pleased they have adopted Just a Drop as a Charity Partner for 2019, it means everything to us”.

Matched Fundraising Scheme

Elman Wall also operates a matched fundraising scheme within the company. All team members’ fundraising efforts are matched by the firm of a generous maximum of £500 per person per year.

Our team have fundraised for the likes of Crisis UK, Parkinson’s UK, Cancer Research, The Royal Marsden, and many more.

Environmentally Friendly

  • No one at Elman Wall drives to work – everyone uses public transport
  • We recycle as much plastic and cardboard as we can
  • We never use disposable cups
  • We have fitted energy efficient sensors for our office lighting
  • We are pretty much paperless as an office