Employee Share

Your people are key to your business success

Employee Share Schemes reward the loyalty and hard work of your staff. The right scheme can also attract and help staff retention. As an employer, if you offer your staff shares as part of a tax advantaged scheme, your employees can save NI or income tax on their value.

HMRC statistics suggest around 85% of all employee share schemes are Enterprise Management Incentive (EMI) share option schemes, and this figure is only increasing. The EMI scheme delivers significant benefits to employees and the business owners so normally is you qualify for EMI you should look nowhere else.

There are other tax advantaged schemes, both all employee and discretionary but none provide all the same benefits as EMI. We have great experience in implementing these schemes, making it easy to understand for both the employees and the existing shareholders, in a cost efficient manner.

It is important that the right scheme is chosen to really maximise the benefits for all often with no additional outlay for your business. The Elman Wall Tax Team are fully up to date with all of these schemes and are happy to advise you as to which one would best suit you.

Employee Share Schemes

3 Reasons to choose Elman Wall as your partner for accounting



Rather than simply delivering reports, we will focus on reporting, the development of key performance indicators, and recommendations for the future.


Professional accountants

With our large team of accountants ready to help, Elman Wall will always deliver reports and recommendations on the agreed timescale with accuracy and precision.


Surpassing expectations

We go beyond simply providing numbers and figures; with our interconnected network of professionals, we can use account data to provide personalised advice and recommendations.

Elman Wall know our market better and can guide us on tax matters and many other areas of the business; something essential in this current volatile marketplace. We would recommend them to other travel companies and I am happy to endorse their services.

Tim Johnson

Managing Director, Club Europe

Their guidance and support has been invaluable to both the business and myself. My only regret is not changing to Elman Wall years earlier!

Steve Eccles

Managing Director, Vintage Travel

They have always been extremely well-informed and their work has always been on time and efficient, and most importantly they are friendly, erudite, and a delight to work with.

Andy Sturt

Founder & Managing Director, VIP Ski

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