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Why You Need Elman Wall's Travel Tax Team

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We have an outstanding, proven track-record of saving travel businesses and their owners' tax. This stems from our specialist knowledge and considerable experience of the Travel Industry.

Travel Businesses & Tax

No business should pay more tax than it has to and all businesses should benefit from the latest allowances and tax reliefs available. When it comes to travel businesses, tax planning needs to take into account your licence and bond requirements, as well as your own personal financial welfare.

Elman Wall's Travel Tax Team, headed up by Russell Eisen, Director - Head of Tax, works closely with you and our Travel Accounts & Audit Team to ensure we highlight opportunities many travel businesses overlook and pitfalls to avoid. These range from rewarding and incentivising your team with the right Employee Share Scheme to significant R&D Tax Relief refunds which we spearhead in the Travel Industry.

We also have much experience in advising on VAT issues specifically affecting the travel industry such as TOMS – click here to read how we can help

Travel Business Owners & Tax

You work hard to build profits in your travel business. When it comes to extracting profits or even buying an office, it's vital that your personal and business tax planning dovetail and take into account Travel Industry regulator and stakeholder requirements. Our Travel Tax Team ensures that personal tax planning never jeopardises your travel business continuity or long term strategy. Sadly, non-specialist tax advisors can all too often be unaware of this.

Your travel business deserves to be in expert hands.

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Elman Wal's Tax Team also works closely with in-house sister firms, Summit Advisory, Travel Business Advisors specialising in Business Growth, Mergers and Acquisitions and Cavendish Ware Wealth Management for the benefit of all clients.

What Our Clients Say

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