Company Owners and Directors

Your Questions

  • Should I pay myself a dividend instead of a salary?
  • Should I have a company car?  If so, which one should I buy?
  • How can I incentivise my managers and team?
  • How much can I put into my pension?
  • Am I missing out on any directors' perks?
  • What tax is due when the business is sold?
  • Am I entitled to Entrepreneur's relief in a business sale?
  • Can my pension buy my office building?

These are just some of the questions the Elman Wall Tax Team answers for our business owners and company director clients. Some of their answers may surprise you. 

As a company director, you work hard to deliver profits and success for your business or organisation.

Our mission is to identify how to maximise the money and benefits you enjoy, whilst never jeopardising the success and sustainability of the business. In fact, we believe it is imperative that personal and business tax planning dovetail. The Elman Wall Tax Team works closely with our Accounts & Audit Team to ensure tax is never a handicap to you or your business and you take advantage of all available allowances and reliefs.

What Our Clients Say

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