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Quite honestly, we prefer you to read what our clients say than tell you ourselves how wonderful we are. Most of our clients have come to us through Word of Mouth recommendation and we rely on referrals to this day to win new clients. We rarely lose a client and our mission is always to exceed your expectation so you will recommend us to your business colleagues, friends and families.

Elman Wall's founding directors left big name firms to run a specialist boutique firm offering a more personal, client focused approach. As an Elman Wall client you enjoy not only award-winning accountancy expertise, as endorsed many times at the Accountancy Age Awards, but, also, easy and regular access to our directors. We understand that PLCs may need and prefer the kudos of working with big name firms. But why pay 'big boy' fees if you really don't have to?

No. We believe that we charge fairly and competitively for the high quality work we perform and the service we give. We offer fixed, all-inclusive annual fees for our Audit service, paid monthly, and upfront transparent quotes for other services. You will never receive a 'surprise' bill from us. All our clients receive unlimited telephone and email support and we are always happy to act as a sounding board for you or your organisation. Should any issue require the undertaking of specific work, advice or specialist input, we will tell you in advance and agree costs. Moreover, we frequently identify money saving opportunities for both our business and personal clients. We aim to be an asset not an overhead, an investment not a cost. Why not give us the opportunity to provide you with a no-obligation, proposal for your consideration?

No. We are very happy to come and talk to you wherever you are located. Although many of our clients are based within or just outside the M25 corridor, we have others located all over the UK and, indeed, some companies which are run from foreign shores.

Not at all. Just advise your current auditors and leave the rest up to us. We will correspond with your previous auditors and obtain all the necessary information we need. You don't need to worry about any embarrassment or handle this yourselves. Easy!

No. Corporate Accounts & Audit clients pay a yearly all-inclusive fee paid monthly, rather than hourly to provide you with the best service and value. You receive unlimited and free telephone and email support. If your business issue requires the undertaking of specific extra work, detailed advice or additional Support Service, we will tell you in advance and agree costs. Private Tax Clients also benefit from fixed fees. Any extra work will be quoted in advance and agreed with you prior to commencement. You will never receive surprise bills.

Technically you can disengage us at any time, so you are not tied in at all. However, we rarely lose clients. Fee increases will be modest, reasonable and pre-agreed with you, subject, of course to the nature of our work remaining similar and your business structure staying the same.

As a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, Elman Wall is bound by the strictest rules of client confidentiality.

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