Russell Eisen

Director - Head of Tax


Having qualified in 1988 as a Chartered Accountant, Russell immediately left Audit for a career in Tax. Whilst in the intervening years there have been considerable changes to the UK tax system, Russell's approach has remained constant. At the heart of this is to plan and protect client's affairs.

The protection element emphasis is on ensuring clients' compliance needs are handled in a timely manner, providing technical advice in completing returns and the payment of tax. This applies both to businesses and individuals to minimise the risk of exposure to HMRC interest or penalties.

Russell's Yorkshire born no-nonsense attitude particularly bears fruit when engaged against the Revenue in dealing with complex compliance enquiries at all levels.

The planning side incorporates focuses on businesses and business owners, including helping them encourage employees grow their business through employee share schemes, and private clients in dealing with Capital Gains Tax mitigation and family succession planning. However, as each clients' affairs have their own uniqueness, the real planning comes in applying current tax legislation and Revenue practice to create bespoke solutions.

In heading up the Elman Wall Tax Team, Russell ensures that clients' affairs are met with efficiency and confidence, whilst at the same time making tax understandable for clients.

Do you remember the souvenir pens where a ship sails down a canal or hands run up and down a keyboard (and so on) when the pen is tipped downwards to write with? We've even produced two Elman Wall versions, one on a travel theme with an aeroplane!

Russell has been a keen collector of such pens for a long time and started this hobby as a reminder of when he spent a summer in Turkey as a professional belly dancer (but that's another story!). He now boasts ownership of one of the largest collections worldwide! His passion extends to a website dedicated to lovers of 'floaty pens' where the collection can be viewed online – - although Russell's wife Susan keeps this up to date, due to Russell spending most of his time solving tax problems!

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