Iqbal Kamali

Iqbal Kamali

Corporation Tax Consultant

'The remedy for ignorance is to question'- Al-Mustafa

An apple never fell on my head for me to embark on a career in tax, but rather a turn of events in my journey which got me here. Initially I read Law in Bournemouth University and after completing one module on tax in my penultimate year, I decided to complete my degree in Law & Taxation in 2008. The rest is history, as they say.

I joined Elman Wall in 2017, specialising in corporate tax. Working closely with the Audit Team, my role is a mixture between corporate tax compliance and advisory. No one day is ever the same.

From Paragliding off mountains above the clouds to driving across the continent with excursions in-between before selling the car; I am an adventure seeker. Besides these heroics (or insanity!) I am a family orientated guy and I enjoy good company, sun and laughter.